Meeting Minutes of 1st Regular Meeting and COTs training

Jul 29, 2022

Date: 29th July 800pm

Location: Holiday Inn

Attendees : 31 Rotarians

  • Rtn Ravi Collared the President
  • Meeting was called to order by President Rtn Jacob Abraham
  • Rotary Prayer and Four-way test – Rtn Paul Mampally
  • President rendered the welcome address and briefed the activities of the club conducted in the month of July. He thanked Rtn Dr Kuriype for all the support and guidance rendered during the planning of the Installation ceremony. He also informed the club that our installation was regarded as the best installation in Ernakulam district. He also asked chair admin to plan for more family get together and chair TRF for more charity events.
  • Secretary Rtn Shibu explained in detail the activities conducted in the month of July. He thanked DD Rtn Noby for all his support.
    • Combined Board meeting was done on 19th 29 members attended the meeting.
    • On 2nd July 26 members from our club participated in the installation ceremony of District Governor and Installation ceremony of District Director Noby.
    • On 13th July Meeting was held in IMA house with the Officials of Enable India, Project Surya team and officials from Cochin Global. Executive Director Moses and associate Director Jincy attended from enable India side and team of Project Surya (Lini ,Anju and Eldo ) and Rotary was represented by Jacob, Binoop, Ravi , Binu T paul , Vinoo , Kala , Anita , Shibu , Deepti , Rosy , Ragam and Rini.
    • On 15th July Installation was done in IMA. it was attended by 140 guests. The function was well represented by District officials from Rotary. 5 AGs , 3 Presidents , 2 Secretary’s and Jaishankar past DDRF. We got a great representation due to the efforts of Noby and due to his guidance, we conducted the installation very well.
    • On the same day Rs 5 lacs was handed over to Lizzy Chakkalakal as part of the contribution to Swapna veedu project
    • 16 Rotarians attended the event hosted on 24th June by Rotary district in Hyatt as part of the visit of Rotary International president Rtn Jennifer Jones . our club had the highest representation.
    • On 25th July rotary international director visited our project the dialysis unit and nectar of life project in Ernakulam general hospital. Rtn Dr Kuriype and Rtn Dr P G paul and Rtn Anita were present to explain our projects.
    • Inner Wheel club Installation held on Tuesday 26th July.
  • Treasurer Anita presented the budget for 22-23. Bills for membership dues have raised sent to email ids of Rotarians and requested all Rotarians to pay the same at the earliest. Our club require urgent funds to clear payments worth 5lacs. due date for the same is 15th
    • Total income – 26 lacs including 4 lacs budgeted from new membership
    • Total Expense – 25.75 lacs
  • Chair admin Rtn Vinoo briefed everyone present about the date of family meets and other meetings
    • 20th August – Family get-together – Rtn Binoop / Rtn Deepti
    • 11th Sept (Onam)- Dinner Rtn Binu T paul
    • November (Diwali) – Rtn Dr P G Paul
    • December – Trip to Munnar
    • Jan 7th – Christmas and New Year Celebrations
    • Feb 11th – Valentine Day celebrations
    • March 16th – Governors Visit
    • April 28th – Beer and Wine Fest
    • June 2nd – Family Meet
    • Other than there will be 11 Regular Meetings.
    • Next Friday 5th August we will be having a speaker meeting. By Rtn Viswanath at IMA house 8pm Topic will be (Living sustainably in Harmony with Nature)
  • Chair Membership Rtn John asked the board for their views on the number of members we should have. It was decided to have 100 members. The meeting decided to induct 4. new members make our anns Rotarians. Also, it was decided to add members in the classification of Physicians, Neurosurgeons, IT. we also decided to induct leaders in each of this classification.
  • Chair TRF Rtn Ravi explained what TRF means. he informed the club about the charity work done by rotary worldwide. he urged Rotarians to contribute to the society. he briefed everyone about our Major project of the year “Swapna Veedu” and our vocational service project ( Project Surya).
  • “SwapnaVeedu” the housing project at Chellanam with construct 25 houses which will lead to social transformation of 25 families and touch at least 25 life’s and is going to be our signature project of this year. This 1.5 crore project will also be supported by the parppidam project of our district and the pavoos trust of Rtn EP George.
    • Total cost per house 2.5 lacs.
    • 1 lac per house support received from District (Parppidam project).
    • 1 lac per house support received from Pavoos trust.
    • Construction of 2 houses started, by the advance cheque to 5 lacs given by us during the installation day.
    • Handover ceremony of the houses will be done on 15th.
  • Project will do online courses throughout the year and will train 100 students. Enable India has agreed to contribute Rs 60000 every month towards the same till March 31st. Our club will contribute Rs 10000 every month and one of our Rotarian has agreed to pay the same. Till now Project Surya has trained 500 students who all are employed .
  • Chair Public image and Bulletin Editor Rtn Deepti informed the club that we will release e magazine every quarter which will carry information of the activities conducted during the quarter.
  • In the absence of Chair Service Rtn Anita gave a update about Sukanya Project.
    • Beneficiaries till now 89.
    • 1st Year payment completely paid.
    • Planning to take the beneficiaries count to 100.
  • Chair District Priorities Rtn Paul explained about district priorities Rainbow and Vibgyor , RYLA, interact and Rotaract.
  • Club Advisor Rtn Dr Kuriype congratulated Team Global for the conduct of Installation ceremony and agreed to Donate Rs 50000 for the Swapnaveedu project. He made a quote “ Well begun is 3/4th Done “.
  • Club Advisor Rtn Thomson congratulated the president and team.
  • Club advisor Rtn Dr P G Paul lauded the functioning process of Team Global.
  • Club celebrated the birthdays and anniversaries of its members for the month of July by cutting a cake. Rtn Paulose , Rtn Kala , Rtn Ravi , Rtn Paul , Rtn john, Rtn Kuriype along with President Rtn Jacob , Secretary Rtn Shibu and Treasurer Rtn Anita joined the celebrations.

Christmas New year Celebrations

Jan 6th 2024 at Rtn.Benny Antony’s residence

Granting Wishes

An outing with 56 children from Ashwasa Bhavan, Fort Kochi, a shelter for homeless kids, to Lulu Mall, Kochi. The children were given gifts they chose worth Rs.1000/- per child. The day started with funs and games at Funtura in Lulu followed by a snack session, birthday celebration and handing over of the gifts they chosen.

Speaker Meeting on Sexuality & Ageing

Speaker meeting on the topic ‘Sexuality & Ageing’ by Dr.P.G.Paul, a distinguished obstetrician Gynaecologist, and Laparoscopic Surgeon with a remarkable career was conducted at Holiday Inn, Kochi.