RCGF Surya Project

RCGF-Project Surya,is one of the flagship projects run by Rotary Club of Cochin Global (RCGF), is run in collaboration with Enable India, Bengaluru. It’s has been supported by the TRF fund from rotary International. This centre, located at Vismaya Building in the prestigious Infopark, Kochi provides six months job-oriented computer training exclusively to visually challenged youth, including two months of internship, mobility training, communication skills, to deserving persons free of cost. We proudly state that 80% of our alumni are employed in several firms across India, including reputed organizations and government offices.

It was, indeed, a day of joy for the Visually Impaired when RCG was founded in the year 2008 by the initiative of Rtn.George Mathew, a Rotarian. He was moved and inspired by a Meet organized in that year in Cochin for the Visually Impaired and determined to make a venture for their upliftment.

RCGF wishes to create awareness among Corporate and other business establishments and several service sectors that they can widen the scope of their services to reach an additional section of the population—the visually impaired citizens.


Our Candidates


Jeelu Mary Jacob
(Candidate of Advance Employability batch)

“I found the whole training interesting – well managed sessions and excellent role simulations. I felt my confidence rise after completing all tasks first by myself.

There were some shortcomings during facilitation, which was resolved feedback given by the candidates. Our trainers were very interactive during sessions & ensured everyone understood the concept.

Voluntary activities like resume preparations, financial management & insurance related sessions, movie screening, etc. were all interesting & motivating. The ‘mentoring buddy’ project has helped a lot to develop ourselves professionally especially in improving our diction & communication skills.”

(Candidate of Advance Employability batch)

“I started training with very minimum knowledge in computers. Now, I am proficient in the advanced level. I enhanced my skills in every subject!”

Chintan Vasavada
(Candidate of Fundamentals of computer)

I am Chintan Vasavada belong to Ahmedabad Gujarat. I would like to mention 4 pillars of this successful program.

Time management: Each day the training started at 9.00 am and ended at 11.00 am. In the morning, we used to learn the new concept. In the afternoon, we used to complete exercises and by the next morning, we used to submit the same. In this manner, it was very well-designed training program.

Distribution of work: The trainers have distributed the work in such a manner that we always receive exercises feedback, test results on time. When, one trainer faces any network issue, the other trainer would take over the class. At the time of TAUTEcyclone also we never missed any class.

Spoken English: As the medium of instruction is English, we could improve our English. Now, we are able to converse in English.

Punctuality: As soon as the class get over, we used to receive video recordings of the class on Google drive. We had also received student’s manual on time. 

Noman Tamboli
(Candidate of Fundamentals of compute

You have been wonderful teachers and very dear friends. I will miss your classes but I have all that you taught me stored safely in my mind and my heart. Thank you for the inspiration and always believing in me, even when sometimes I didn’t believe in myself. I am grateful to you for everything you taught us this term. I enjoyed our talks in class, and your assignments were hard, but I learned a lot from you. You’re the best teacher I’ve had. Thank you.

I appreciate your consideration/guidance/help/time.

Please accept my deepest thanks.

I can’t thank you enough.


Proud of Our Ex-Students

17th Batch

16th Batch

Lab Facility

Alumni & Decade of Jubilee

Community Projects

Fixing a Breast feeding cabin at the vaccination hall of General Hospital Ernakulum

Visually Impaired awareness among drivers and introducing a module in the Learners training curriculum

Mobility Training

Role Model Section

Parents Meet


RCGF Surya – Online Trainings Report

The various training programs under RCGF Surya with in the duration of 1st March 2020 to 31st March 2021 are the following.

Second half of ‘Online Foundation Training’.

The 17th batch of Foundation Course in Computers and Employability for 6 months started with December 2019. The initial 3 months of training was face to face Onsight mode where candidates will join us at the training center itself but due to the spread of Corona pandemic, we had to change the second half of our training to online mode. Initially there was a dilemma in the execution of an online mode training among Visually Impaired candidates. However our trainers could accomplish the task with whole success. All the sessions are conducted through Zoom online platform. The notifications and guidelines are provided through Whatsap. The finished assignments were collected using e-mail. There was Communicative English and Employability sessions on a daily basis. We are thankful to the voluntary service of Teresa Madam who spends an hour every day to teach Communicative English to our candidates. With the end of July 2020, we could conduct the final examination of our candidates through online platform itself.

17th batch Closing Ceremony

On 31st July 2020, we conducted the closing ceremony of our 17th batch candidates as an online evening celebration. The program was presided by the Founder of RCGF Surya Rtn. Dr. George Mathew. The President of Rotary Cochin Global Rtn. Dr. Parashuram Gopinadh, Secretary Rtn. Binoop Paul and other council members were present on the occasion. They congratulated all our candidates’ effort and assured support and assistance in the future activities of RCGF Surya. There was the Social Integration Project presentation of candidates and the entire program was very much congratulated by all the participants since it was arranged through online platform.

RCGF completed various types of training

  • Online Advance Employability Training.
  • Online Fundamentals of MS Office.
  • Online Advance Excel workshop.

Our commitments:

Week end workshop for VI employees

We started the week end workshop for VI employees with the half of February 2020. There were 14 employees joined us for this additional skill enhancement training program. Candidates are joining us only on all Sundays from 10:00am to 5:00pm. We assured about 25 days training which will cross around 6 months. Candidates were joined us only for two Sundays and the training was stopped immediately due to Corona pandemic. Candidates are asking for the re start of the training from January 2021 onwards. We assured them all the sessions after lockdown period but, still we were not able to conduct the training again.

Enquiry to teach SRVC football team

We were requested to teach computers for the VI football team members of SRVC. We assured that we will conduct a training in the nearby future .

Enquiry from Chakshumathy to teach MS Office to VI students.

We were enquired by Chakshumathy to train VI students to enhance their skill in MS Office applications. We assured them a training in the nearby future.

Learning from online training.
  • Online training for VI candidates is an effective technique to provide computer education.
  • Candidates will become more efficient because they have to explore computers to find out solutions for technical problems.
  • Candidates can acquaint with various online platforms like Zoom, Google meet, Micro Soft Teams etc.
  • The training is a motivation to all our candidates to follow various online courses in their future life.
  • After the pandemic situation, trainers can manage both on sight and online trainings together.
  • Online training decreases the expenses on infrastructures like office, computer lab etc.
  • We can include more candidates than the actual strength of our training center.


RCGF Training Report-2020

RCGF Surya is an initiative of Rotary Club of Cochin Global, a non-profit organization, providing support to the needy. RCGF promotes international humanitarian service programs, educational and cultural exchanges giving great emphasis on community service. The organization focuses on providing short term support; as well as enabling people with all kinds of disabilities, especially the visually impaired.

RCGF is run in collaboration with Enable India, Bengaluru. The Centre provides six months job-oriented computer training exclusively to visually challenged youth. We also provide mobility training using white cane, Language training, life skills and life education to deserving persons on free of cost. Proudly state that, 80% of our alumni are employed in several firms across India, including reputed organizations and government offices.

The group effort of Rotary Cochin Global is admirable who gives quality computer training to visually impaired who completed their studies and seeking job or those who want to continue their studies in the field of computers. This will help to make the candidate employable by providing computer knowledge and making them efficient in using computers independently. This will increase the employment opportunities, betterment of existing job, and for higher studies.

Current Status

Project Surya has 12 years of existence in the field of uplifting Visually Impaired through computer education and providing employment opportunities. Our foundation is one of the competitive institutions across Kerala and its activities have crossed the boundaries of our nation. We are sure that, no other institution can provide quality computer education to Visually Impaired as our training Centre provides. Rotary Cochin Global imparts amble opportunities to VI candidates to experience life in the way how the sighted world experiences through global standards. On October 2019, we celebrated the decade jubilee by inviting all the candidates who completed their training at RCGF where High Court Judge and film actor Kunjacko Boban were the chief guests. Most of the institutes who work for Visually Impaired are trying to adopt the training methodologies of RCGF and they are inviting us for taking sessions to their candidates during various intervals. With the out spread of Corona pandemic, there was a dilemma in following up the Onsight training but, we could initiate new steps in the field of online computer training and there are 40 candidates who are pursuing training under RCGF for different programs now. Due to Covid-19 spread, we stopped the training of our Weekend batch of employees to whom we promised 30 days of Sunday classes. We can continue their sessions if the Centre is reopened and we can look forward for 18th batch of Foundation training also. The dedication of both Rotary and employees of RCGF could develop a recognition and impact among Visually Impaired especially in Kerala.

Various Training Programs in the year 2020.
1.     Inauguration of 17th batch

The 17th batch of RCGF has started on 2nd December 2019. There were near to 35enquiries where 10 candidates got placed for the training. The first phase of three months training was Onsight mode and with the second half we had to dismiss the training center due to Corona pandemic.

A. Social Integration:

This is a project which enables the candidates to become confident to do several things which are prohibited by their family and friends. While doing the project, candidates need to record the video of the activity that they prefer. After the finish of the project, candidates have to present their activity in front of audience.

B. Work reality:

By doing this project, candidates can acquaint with various VI who are working with different job environments. This project will enhance confidence to achieve higher status in their life.

C. Community Project:

By doing this project, candidates need to do something for the welfare of entire society. They have to work for a common cause like building a waiting shed, installing traffic reflectors, sighted training in computers especially in rural area, dress collection campaign and sending them to the needy etc.

Closing Ceremony

On 31st July 2020, we conducted the closing ceremony of our 17th batch candidates as an evening celebration. The program was presided by the Founder of RCGF Surya Rtn. Dr. George Mathew. The President of Rotary Cochin Global Rtn. Dr. Parashuram Gopinadh, Secretary Rtn. Binoop Paul and other council members are present on the occasion. They congratulated all our candidates’ effort and assured support and assistance in the future activities of RCGF Surya. There were 3 Excellent grade winners among which Jeelu Jacob won the top scorer award. There was the Social Integration Project presentation of candidates and the entire program was very much congratulated by all the participants since it was arranged through online platform.

2. Weekend workshop

We started Weekend Workshop for VI employees as a new training program. There are 13 candidates joined with us who are working with various job environments. It is a 6 months training program where candidates will join us for 30 Sundays and some extra sessions also. The key focus is on computer training and we will also provide mobility sessions as per need.

3.     Online Advance Employability Training.

We have started our new Online Certification training on Advance Employability under Trainer Anju with 20 skilled candidates. The course was inaugurated on 21st September 2020 where candidates joined under Zoom platform along with Trainers from Enable India. The training will be an eight hours program where candidates had to attend various sessions in a single day. Our Trainer Anju is coordinating 3 different subjects includes Computer, Employability and Mobility through online.

4.     Fundamentals of MS Office Training.

The new batch of Fundamentals of MS Office Training inaugurated with 12th October 2020. Our Trainer Eldho is coordinating the new Certification batch along with Enable India. There is 20 candidates got selected for the training. There are 13 candidates from Kerala and 7candidates from out of state. Candidates are joining through Zoom online platform every day as an evening session. There is weekly assessment and monthly based test papers are conducted to evaluate the level of performance of the candidates.


The following table display the number of students trained under RCGF in the year 2020
Sl. No Name of the Training Duration Number of Candidates
1 Foundation Course in Computers and Employability. 7months. 10
2 Weekend Workshop for VI Employees. 30 Sundays. 13
3 Online Fundamentals of MS Office Training. 3 months. 20
4 Online Advance Skill Employability. 4 months. 20
    Total 63


Extra Training Programs
Workshop for 3 days at Trivandrum.

We were invited by KFB for 3 days workshop at Trivandrum for the Visually Impaired employees. There were 55 candidates joined us along with Enable India. Within short term duration, we could cover basic computers along with MS Office applications. After the training, some of the school teachers approached RCGF for a short term course or they demanded for an online course. We assure them new training in future. The training was very much appreciated by KFB and by all the candidates who participated.

KFB Online Workshop during Lockdown Period.

During the lockdown period KFB invited us to conduct an online training for VI candidates. It was another short term batch was we covered various topics of Word, Excel, Advance Excel and PowerPoint. There are 50 to 55 candidates were joined with us for the training through Zoom online platform every day. Most of them are students and employees. All the participants were very much satisfied with the sessions taken by RCGF and congratulated this wonderful venture. On 20th May 2020, we concluded our sessions with KFB and invited their valuable feedbacks.

Currier awareness workshop with Chakshumathi Training Institute.

Our staff members Mrs. Anju and Mrs. Lini were invited for a currier awareness workshop arranged at Chakshumathi, a reputed center for Visually Challenged located at Trivandrum. There they introduced our training in front of a huge audience includes students and working men.

Future training plans
  • Planning to advertise the new Foundation training of 18th batch 3 months before.
  • Planning to arrange need based training.
  • Planning for an Advance Excel workshop.
  • Planning to organize online training for employees.
  • Planning to arrange more mobility sessions to the current Foundation batch.
  • Planning to organize more voluntary activities to the current training.
  • Planning to change Sunday Batch training to online platform.
  • Planning to start a YouTube channel for providing computer classes.
Training programs can be adopted.
  1. Basic Foundation training for six months duration.
  2. Skill employability training for the Low Vision candidates.
  3. Weekend workshop for Visually Impaired employees.
  4. Summer vacation training for VI students and school teachers.
  5. Need based training: We are giving computer training for the VI as their area of interest and choice.
  6. Android workshop using talkback feature.
  7. Software installation and other technical support for the VI students and employees.
  8. Training of CRM and call center.
  9. Special mobility training for the needy persons with the help of white cane.
  10. Online computer training using Zoom or other multimedia platform.

Other Projects

Project Soukhya

Project Soukhya – Dream project of Rotary Club of Cochin Global under presidentship of Rtn. Dr. Parasuram Gopinath was inaugurated on 18th July 2021 by Adv V D Satheesan MLA. Formation of a 10 bedded Level 3 ICU at Paravur Taluk Headquarters Hospital.


Nectar of Life – Breast Milk Bank

The state’s first Human Milk Bank (HMB), ‘Nectar of Life’, is ready for opening at Ernakulam General Hospital, Ernakulam. Rotary Club of Cochin Global set it up in association with rotary international. Neonatal death in Kerala is still high compared western world. The major cause of neonatal death is prematurity, low birth weight and neonatal infections. These premature, sick babies


Kutty Maram

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Rotary Club of Cochin Global is pleased to launch its new prestigious project called “Kutty Maram” under its new team. It will be the new president Rtn PHF Dr Parasuram Gopinath’s flagship project to begin with in this rotary year. We will be